San Remo Attractions

San Remo is a little forgotten town in which there is plenty on offer we have some of the best cafes and restaurants. Hotels offering various entertainment throughout the year and what better way to access these things than by staying at the Holiday Park where we have a private gate allowing direct access to the main street. We have Farmer markets kids activities and


  • Hot Rod weekend starts with a street party with live bands here in the main street and there is a large variety of old cars to admire and the vibe of the weekend is jubilant.


  • San Remo Channel Challenge which even if you do not enter is definitely worth coming to see. Every year the Channel Challenge from San Remo to New Haven draws a crowd from young to old to swim across the channel.

February – March – is the time of year we have the best weather with a pleasant 25 degrees most days

April –Easter sees us coming together for Easter egg hunts BBQs and family get-togethers. –

San Remo starts to go back to its sleepy country town at this time of the year but don’t think for a minute that it is boring because this is when the real excitement happens with the shearwaters taking their first flight, the migration of the whales which has had us see upwards of 140 sightings in a season with one coming in under the bridge and with the whales come the dolphins and they love to come into the bay to feed and play, and not to forget our little penguins which at this time of year start to build the nests ready for mating season.

May—sees the start of whale sightings ‘and the young seal pups are weaning off milk and learning to feed for themselves they are very cheeky and inquisitive at this stage and their antics are a sight to see.( wild coast cruises will get you up and close to them).

June—Whale Season (cruises to go whale sighting)

July—Whale season (cruises to go whale sighting)

October –20th October 2018 will see the 5th Blessing of the Bikes here in San Remo upon where the town will be inundated with motor cycles leading up to the GP

This image is taken from The Blessing of The Bikes held at Mirboo North. 2017 was the the first year for San Remo.

The Victorian Moto GP hits town you do not have to be a motor cycle enthusiast to get caught up in the excitement of this week, with 1000s of motor bikes coming on to the island with the annual bike ride leaving Cranbourne coming through San Remo on the Saturday.

There are activities for all age groups and all budgets

Our beaches are clean and safe for all ages and we have some pretty nice surfing beaches close by too
There are many beautiful walks along the coast and wetlands to be enjoyed by all walkers and bike riders.

Ask our staff for suggestion and activities. There is also plenty of brochures in our office which will provide you with plenty of ideas.